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How many puffs is 10ml of eliquid?

A 10ml container can refill a vape tank five times and offer about 3000 puffs. Since 10ml is the largest legal size that liquids containing nicotine can be sold in the UK, 10ml e-liquids and nic salts are the most popular e-liquids among consumers. Since the UK only permits 2 millilitre vape tanks, a single 10 millilitre bottle can fill a tank five times. Considering each puff lasts one second, a full tank holding two millilitres of e-liquid will produce 600 puffs on average.

Is it OK to drink vape juice?

E-liquid nicotine can be toxic, so never drink it yourself or let someone else consume it. Stay clear of getting e-liquid in your eyes or on your skin. Exposure to e-liquids can result in a number of issues, including burning and discomfort. If skin comes into unintentional touch with it, properly wash the area with soap and water. In the event that the e-liquid gets in your eyes, properly wash them with water and get medical help if your vision changes. Spills and splashes should be cleaned up right away with soap and water.

Can you use any liquid in a vape?

When people first start vaping, a lot of individuals will think of using 50/50 e-liquids, which works with the majority of vape devices. In order for people to get the most out of vaping, it's essential not to use just any liquid for any vape device. High VG vape juices work best with larger sub-ohm devices, while high PG e-liquids fit vape pens, starter kits, and lower-power vapes.