OXVA Unipro Coils

The OXVA Velocity Replacement Coil is the original Unipro Coil Series for the Velocity Pod Mod. In order to extract strong flavour from your favourite e-juices, the Velocity Unipro Coil includes a 0.15 ohm and 0.3 ohm mesh coil in addition to mesh heating components for dense clouds. Additionally, it has an airflow reducer for ease of MTL vaping.

OXVA Unipro Replacement Coils

OXVA Unipro Replacement Coils

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OXVA Unipro Replacement Coils only for £10.99

Only the OXVA Velocity pod kit is compatible with the oxva unipro coils. This coil is offered in two versions, with sub-ohm resistances of 0.15 and 0.3 ohms, and compatibility for DTL (Direct To Lung) vaping. Each's mesh structure will heat eliquid more quickly, increasing the amount of vapour and flavour produced.

The oxva unipro coil 0.15 can be used with 60 to 80W of power, are the best option if you want to produce the most vapour possible. The oxva unipro replacement coils 0.3 Ohm is a good option if you want a clear taste with a little less vapour; they perform best at 30 to 42W.

OXVA Unipro Coils Specification

Coil 0.15 and 0.3 Ohm
Compatible with: High PG E-liquid
Vaping style: DTL

Does higher ohms mean better flavor?

Because they require more watts, lower resistance coils generate more flavour, vapour, and heat at a lower voltage than higher ohm coils. For instance, a 1.8 ohm coil operating at 3.7 volts will produce an output of roughly 7.3 watts.

How do you make a burnt vape coil taste better?

After taking it out of the hot water with care, put the coil in the cold water. This will cause any leftover debris to fall off and clean your coil once more. You can clean it with vinegar or lemon juice in hot water if the unpleasant burnt flavour is still present.

Can I use old vape coils?

Using an old coil for vaping may not be safe. Over time, coils can degrade and build up residue, which can affect the flavor of the vapor and potentially release harmful chemicals. It's generally recommended to replace coils regularly to ensure a better vaping experience and reduce potential health risks.

What's in the box?

  • OXVA Unipro Mesh Coil

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    OXVA Unipro Coils reviews

    5 Customer review(s)

    "OXVA Coils have truly revolutionized my vaping experience. As someone who values rich, intense flavour in every puff, these coils deliver beyond expectations."


    Wilfred . Verified Buyer Review . 30th of March 2024

    "The Oxva unipro coils offer a reliable and enjoyable vaping experience, providing consistent performance. Thanks,Vapeplay."


    Reggie . Verified Buyer Review . 24th of January 2024

    "This Oxva unipro coils are incredible. They deliver powerful performance that is truly satisfying."


    kester . Verified Buyer Review . 18th of January 2024

    "This is an awesome product with powerful coils. I really appreciate your website s service."


    Aiden . Verified Buyer Review . 10th of January 2024

    "Love it just awesome products are all I see on this fantastic website. and the service is great. My oxva unipro coils came so fast. Vapeplay is the best."


    Andy . Verified Buyer Review . 5th of December 2023

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