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Can I put vodka in my vape?

You would be better off sticking to the traditional methods of getting wasted because vaping alcohol is a risky habit. Furthermore, never add more than 5% of alcohol to your e-juice if you're doing so to make using an e-cigarette simpler. It's just enough to give you a good throat hit without having any negative effects on you.

What is a vaping device?

Vapes, also known as vaping devices, electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and/or electronic vaporizers, are battery-powered gadgets that produce vapour, sometimes known as aerosol, that contains flavourings, chemicals, and nicotine. Sales of vaping devices, which were initially made available in the UK in 2005, began to soar in 2013 due to youth-targeted marketing and advertising.

Where do I start vaping?

Try starting with a menthol or tobacco flavour if you're new to vaping and trying to quit smoking. These flavours are ones you're probably familiar with and it can help ease the transition. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper, we at Vapeplay are confident that our website will enable you to enjoy the greatest vaping experience.