Innokin Glim Pod Kit

The compact and user-friendly Innokin GLIM Pod Kit is perfect for those who want easy, hassle-free vaping with an auto draw. with a leak-proof filling port and a 1.8 ml e-liquid capacity. Driven by a 500mAH battery, a tri-color LED clearly shows the battery level. The moderate output of the Innokin Glim makes it more than capable of lasting the entire day. The pricing of the INNOKIN GLIM POD KIT is rather affordable considering its high quality and sturdy construction.



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INNOKIN GLIM POD KIT only for £11.99

There are questions asking: "Are innokin vapes good?" Well you will discover the facts in the following passage below. You will also come across the question of whats the best innokin vape?

The device is probably the best and is simple to use—all you have to do is inhale to turn it on—which makes the transition to vaping effortless. Refilling your pod is simple thanks to a push-to-fill design. Since the coils are integrated, there is no need to fiddle with trying to change the coil within the pod. On average, a pod should endure for one week.

All experience levels of vapers, especially beginners, are advised by innokin to try innokin glim pod kit since it provides an easy-to-use vaping experience. When the built-in 500mAh battery is fully charged, you may enjoy all-day vaping with a 9W output. Refillable GLIM pods are included with every kit; these can be used with your preferred e-liquid and because of their built in coil

Innokin Glim Pod Kit Specification

Battery capacity 3.7V/500mAh 1.85Wh
Pod Capacity: 1.8ml
Material: Zinc Alloy

How long do Innokin Glim pods last?

Push-to-fill technology makes it simpler than ever to top off your pod, and built-in coils allow you to simply swap out the pod for a new one when the time comes. Each coil lasts for a week or more on average, thus they are long-lasting.

Is Innokin better than Smok?

SMOK produces the slightly more basic MTL in addition to entry-level cloud and flavour kits. But Innokin would be a great choice if you're searching for an excellent beginning kit that is well-made simple and easy.

Is Innokin a Chinese company?

Shenzhen Innokin Technology Co. Ltd., a Chinese company, was named by the FDA in May as a major innovator of the well-known disposable e-cigarette brands Breeze Smoke, LLC, and Esco Bars.

How many cigarettes are in a vape?

Since nicotine is expressed in milligrammes per millilitre, or mg/ml, a 20 mg/ml disposable vape containing 2 ml of e-liquid would contain a total of 40 mg of nicotine, or about 20–40 cigarettes.

What's in the box?

  1. Innokin GLIM 500mAh Vape Device
  2. 1.8ml Refillable GLIM Pod
  3. 1 USB Cable
  4. 1x User Manual

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Innokin Glim Pod Kit reviews

3 Customer review(s)

"Excellent flavour delivery The coils last longer than planned, which saves me money over time. Highly recommended"


Perry . Verified Buyer Review . 17th of May 2024

"Innokin glim pod kit is reliable and stylish pod system. It provides a satisfying vaping experience with its adjustable airflow and long-lasting battery. Thanks,vapeplay."


Louis . Verified Buyer Review . 9th of January 2024

"I was trying to look for the whats the best innokin vape because I always got asked the same question Are innokin vapes good And I never knew how to answer them until I found innokin glim pod kit, thanks vapeplay."


Lewis . Verified Buyer Review . 5th of December 2023