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What's the difference between pod and tank vapes?

Pod kits don't have a tank, in contrast to other vapes. As opposed to a glass tank, an e-liquid and coil are contained inside a plastic pod that is far more compact, lightweight, and sturdy. As a matter of fact, the kits themselves are frequently much smaller than typical kits, making them perfect for portable vaping.

Are tanks better than pods?

Especially for new and inexperienced vapers, pod kits are a great choice if you're looking for convenience, simplicity of use, and a vaping experience that closely resembles smoking cigarettes. Whereas, vape tanks are the best option if you want more control and personalisation over your vaping experience.

What does the tank do in a vape?

The portion of your e-cigarette or mod that holds your e-liquid and has the coil that vaporises it is called a vape tank. The battery, which is the larger, typically box-shaped element on newer devices and the pen-like part on older designs, is what most gadgets have the tank resting on top of.