Uwell Kalmia Pod

The Uwell Kalmia Kit has a lovely appearance, a small, lightweight lip-fit, and is very simple to use. This device has an integrated 400mAh battery that can deliver up to 13W of power and carry up to 1.6ml of free-base or nicotine salt e-juice. It fits neatly into your pocket and can be hidden in your hand when in use.

Uwell Kalmia Pod Vape Kit

Uwell Kalmia Pod Vape Kit

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Uwell Kalmia Pod Vape Kit only for £19.99

The uwell kalmia pod kit is characterised by its attractive appearance, small size, and simple lip-fit. This device includes an integrated 400mAh battery with a maximum 13W output, and it can hold up to 1.6ml of either free-base e-liquid or nicotine salt. The FeCrAl UN2 Meshed-H 1.2 ohm coil, which combines with the exclusive Pro-FOCS technology to create and replenish delicious vapour, is an essential part of MTL vaping. The pod inserts smoothly and is secured in place by a magnetic field.

The LED indication in the shape of a flower and the subtle gradients allow you to keep an eye on the battery level. You can vape with ease thanks to a draw-activated firing mechanism. Because uwell kalmia pod vape kit slips easily into your pocket, its palm-sized appearance is certain to satisfy even the most covert vapers. and all of this may be confirmed from uwell kalmia pod kit reviews.

Uwell Kalmia Pod Specification

Battery capacity 400mAh
Pod capacity: 1.6ml
Dimensions: 109mm x 20mm x 10.8mm

What do the lights on Kalmia vape mean?

The battery level indicator light, which illuminates in three distinct colours when vaping, indicates the remaining battery life: Pink: above 60%; blue: between 30% and 60%; red: below 30% or almost ready for charging.

How long do Kalmia pods last?

A 1.2? coil that is pre-installed and capable of firing at 13W of power results in an extremely enjoyable MTL experience. With each filling, the 1.6 ml capacity of the pod should provide 200 puffs or more.

Why does my cartridge have airflow but no smoke?

It is possible that the oil in the cartridge reservoir is too cold and viscous for the wick to soak into it if the cartridge has airflow but isn't creating vapour. In this instance, heating the cartridge will frequently fix the problem.

What's in the box?

  1. 1 x Kalmia Device
  2. 1 x 1.2 ohms Kalmia Pod
  3. 1 USB Cable
  4. 1x User Manual

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Uwell Kalmia Pod reviews

5 Customer review(s)

"The Uwell Kalmia Pod Vape Kit is game-changing Simple to operate, stylish design, and excellent vapour production. Definitely my first choice"


Easton . Verified Buyer Review . 17th of May 2024

"Uwell Kalmia Pod delivers smooth hits with its well-designed airflow and consistent flavor. Its compact size makes it perfect for on-the-go vaping."


Harold . Verified Buyer Review . 18th of March 2024

"The Uwell Kalmia pod delivers a smooth vaping experience with its easy to use design and impressive flavor. Its compact size and long-lasting battery make it a valuable."


Percy . Verified Buyer Review . 23rd of January 2024

"This Uwell kalmia pod offers a convenient and enjoyable vaping experience. Its user-friendly feature and long-lasting battery make it a top choice for on the go enthusiasts."


Ethan . Verified Buyer Review . 9th of January 2024

"it seemed a little sketchy to buy this at first but then I searched up reviews online and was instantly convinced, alot of good things were said about uwell kalmia pod kit. I love it. Thanks vapeplay"


Tilly . Verified Buyer Review . 5th of December 2023