Innokin M18 Pod Kit

A better BVC coil in the M18 pod produces more taste. With its 1.6 ohm coil and 10–14 watt power range, the Innokin Endura M18 Pod is ideal for mouth-to-lung inhalation. The Endura M18 replacement pods use a detachable coil mechanism and have a 2ml e-liquid capacity. Utilising USB Type-C, the little 700mAh battery is charged. The Endura M18 is intended for novice vapers who want to transition to vaping.

Innokin Endura M18 Pod Kit

Innokin Endura M18 Pod Kit

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Innokin Endura M18 Pod Kit for only £22.99

The highly regarded due to innokin endura m18 reviews, Endura kit series, by Innokin, has a pod mod variant in the form of the innokin endura m18 pod kit. are innokin vapes good? Well, carry on reading and you'll find out.

The stylish innokin endura m18 pod kit, which has a 700mAh built-in battery, has a lightweight, uncomplicated design and a number of cutting-edge technologies that improve the vaping experience. using the Endura M18 replacement pods, which have an airflow function that can be adjusted by only twisting the direction in which the pod is inserted. The innokin endura m18 pod kit is perfect for users of any skill level because of its straightforward operation.

With its sleek design and straightforward functionality, the innokin endura m18 pod kit is incredibly user-friendly. Travelling with the kit is safer thanks to the lock and unlock mechanism operated by a little button on the side of the gadget.

Innokin M18 Pod Kit Specification

Battery capacity 700mAh
Pod Capacity: 2ml
Vaping style: MTL

How long do innokin endura pods last?

What is the lifespan of Innokin pods? Several factors can affect how long an Innokin pod lasts: how frequently you vape, what kind of e-liquid you use, and how well you take care of the pod. Pods typically have a lifespan of a few days to a few weeks.

What is better Endura M18 or Innokin sceptre?

So how do the Endura M18 and Innokin Sceptre compare? The main distinction between the two is that the Innokin Endura M18 is intended mostly for mouth-to-lung vaping and features a smaller atomizer coil. Its airflow can be adjusted, although there are only two settings that are possible.

Why is my device not turning on?

Connect the USB-C port to a quality power supply and ensure the device is charged. Click the main power button located on the bottom side of the device 3 times rapidly.

What's in the box?

  1. Innokin Endura M18 Pod Device
  2. Innokin Endura M18 Replacement Pod
  3. Innokin Endura M18 1.6 Ohm BVC Coil
  4. 1 USB Cable
  5. 1x User Manual

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Innokin M18 Pod Kit reviews

5 Customer review(s)

"I absolutely love my Innokin Endura M18 It is ideal for on-the-go vaping. The pods are long-lasting and have a smooth pull. Five stars"


Lennon . Verified Buyer Review . 17th of May 2024

"Innokin Kit is a compact, reliable, and perfect for on-the-go vaping with its sleek design and user-friendly features, catering to both beginners and experienced vapers."


Percy . Verified Buyer Review . 18th of March 2024

"This Innokin M18 pod kit features a lightweight and compact design, Its powerful performance makes it impressive. Thankyou,vapeplay."


Finn . Verified Buyer Review . 23rd of January 2024

"The innokin M18 pod kit delivering a satisfying vaping experience with its efficient coil system and long-lasting battery. Thanks,vapeplay."


Hugo . Verified Buyer Review . 9th of January 2024

"I have to say I am glad for innokin endura m18 reviews as I wouldnt have bought bought this device if it werent for the reviews. I urge everyone who is interested in vaping to get this especially if you are a beginner"


Frank . Verified Buyer Review . 5th of December 2023